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2 min readJun 28, 2023

Water Rabbit Token Empowers Community with Zero-Fee USDT Cross-Chain Swaps on SwapBox

Dear Water Rabbit token community,

We have some exciting news to share! A unique event is being hosted on the SwapBox platform, offering zero fees on cross-chain USDT transactions, and given our recent listing on the platform, this makes it even more convenient for our community members to participate in the event.

SwapBox, a key component of the Nabox ecosystem, is an intelligent Cross-chain DEX Aggregator that streamlines and enhances cross-chain swaps by identifying the best conversion paths. With the integration of popular DEX channels like 1inch, DODO, Nerve, and SWFT, it supports an impressive range of nearly 3000 different assets across 27 networks, encompassing both Layer1 and Layer2 solutions.

In a bid to appreciate the ongoing support from our community and to stimulate more users to experience the SwapBox DApp feature within the Nabox wallet, we're introducing a limited-time event. This event offers cross-chain USDT swaps on SwapBox with absolutely no transaction fees.

To use the SwapBox DApp, please follow this link: ( It's compatible with wallets like Nabox, Metamask, TokenPocket, TrustWallet, MathWallet, and ONTO.

The Event Timeline:

Starting from June 27th at 08:00 AM (UTC) and ending on July 17th at 08:00 AM (UTC).

Event Highlights:

During the event, all cross-chain swaps of USDT assets via the Nerve channel will be fee-free. Furthermore, there's no limit on the amount of USDT you can swap across blockchains.

You're free to carry out cross-chain swaps of USDT assets across various networks like Ethereum, BSC, OKTC, Polygon, TRON, Heco, Avalanche, KCC, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Cronos as per your needs.

Please note that cross-chain swaps not made via the Nerve channel and swaps within the same network do not qualify for this event.

Given our recent listing on Nabox wallet, this event offers an excellent opportunity for our Water Rabbit token community to fully utilize the zero-fee cross-chain swaps. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it. Happy swapping!

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